Nobody broke your heart

This month, Kill Rock Stars will be sharing a series of rare, unreleased tracks of Elliott Smith. August 6 would have been his 43rd birthday; they are deeming August Elliott Smith month.

This musical rememberance starts with a version of “Alameda“, recorded during the same sessions that yielded the album version featured on Smith’s essential 1997 release Either/Or. This version contains alternate lyrics during the chorus. Kill Rock Stars will also reissue Either/Or and Smith’s self-titled 1995 album on 180-gram vinyl this month, in honor of Smith’s birthday.

On August 6, Kill Rock Stars will sell its 2010 Smith compilation An Introduction to… for $4.99 all day. You’ll also receive “a present” from the label if you sign up for their mailing list that day.

You can hear the alternate version of Alameda at

For those who know me well, you know how much Elliott Smith’s music means to me. I will be posting an Elliott Smith song every Thursday this month to remember, as well.

Purchasing the vinyl copy of Either/Or today is my first step to getting a turntable, which I have been wanting for a very long time.

Here is a live version of Alameda:

Alameda (live) :: Elliott Smith

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  1. I love Elliott, too. I live near LA & do you happen to know if his hometown of Silverlake will be doing anything in his honor? Can’t believe he only would be 43…

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