Bolts from above hit the people down below

“Each way I turn,
I know iIll always try to break this circle
that’s been placed around me.
From time to time,
I find I’ve lost some need,
that was urgent to
I do believe.

Up, down, turn around,
please don’t let me hit the ground,
tonight I think I’ll walk alone,
I’ll find my soul as I go home.”

It was the year before the last real school year. The year he left. No more outside scars; I just won’t mention the one’s on the inside, those you have to learn to life with. God and I had reached an understanding, it was time to not believe. And all the fake walls around me, they just went too far. I found enough voice to say no more, – to so many things, and then to change, change, change.

Those first few days the silence wrapped around my mouth, like band-aids, motionless. But, I ripped them all off, and left myself bleeding and raw. I spoke up, more and more, with each passing day.

Temptation (live) :: New Order

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