30 day song challenge :: Least favorite

30-Day Song Challenge :: Day 2 :: Your Least Favorite Song

I do not know what it is about this song, but from the very first time I heard it I despised it. There is something so loathsome about it to me, and desperately ugly, that I cannot even listen to the entire song as I write this post. My distaste for this song is so strong that I have never been able to really listen to The Offspring since. As soon as the singer’s voice kicks in I hear this song, and my stomach flips.

Self-Esteem :: The Offspring

4 thoughts on “30 day song challenge :: Least favorite

  1. Wow! I actually love this song. It’s the one that got me into Offspring, and the album it’s on is still my favourite of theirs. Maybe it’s because of lousy past relationships where I’ve dated people who trash my self-esteem… who knows?

    Their song Gone Away is my favourite of theirs, though.

    1. I think my distaste for it is because of lousy past relationships taht trashed my self-esteem 🙂 So, we are on the same page, just on opposite sides of said page?

      1. LOL looks like it! That’s okay; I slagged The Beatles in my 30 Days run, so I’m used to being on the opposite side of a page on things.

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