Movie Review :: Dakota Skye

In my quest to find new indie movies to love I stumbled upon Dakota Skye on instant Netflix. Dakota, a cynical, sarcastic teenager of the Juno’s Juno and TV’s Awkward Jenna’s or Freaks and Geeks Lindsey’s ilk, possess a superpower, of sorts, in that she can tell if anyone speaking to her is lying. I say “of sorts” because I think this is a lousy ability to have as I do not think anyone truly wants to know if, and how often, they are being lied to. This power of Dakota’s has always been with her, as we learn in … Continue reading Movie Review :: Dakota Skye

Book Review :: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

I have been struggling to write this review ever since I finished the book about a week ago. I find myself rehashing the story in my head, reminiscing over parts I loved, and most especially that first moment when I realized I was falling fast and hard in love with this book. I re-read favorite passages, some that I have now committed to memory. I search out playlists put together from other passionate readers, and I find myself sifting through my own music, piecing together my own musical accompanying soundtrack. I silently wish for others in my life to read … Continue reading Book Review :: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green

Gig Review :: Concrete Blonde at the Troubadour

Concrete Blonde at the Troubadour, August 29, 2012 Editor’s Note: photography and video were not allowed at this show. Women in music have always been, and will always be, incredibly vital and important to me. From the early memories of my mother’s Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez and Fleetwood Mac albums, to my headfirst dive into Patti Smith, Cowboy Junkies, Tori Amos, Sinead O’Connor, Mazzy Star, Throwing Muses, Hole, 10,000 Maniacs, Aimee Mann, Kate Bush, Siouxsie Sioux and Johnette Napolitano’s music, women have always taken a leading role in the playlist of my life. Their stories sung, their presence and power, … Continue reading Gig Review :: Concrete Blonde at the Troubadour

30 Day Challenge :: Now you have grown

30-Day Song Challenge :: Day 16 :: A Song That You Used To Love But Now Hate I am not good with the word hate. It is one of those words that I feel is so big and final and ugly that I do not want to just bandy it around carelessly, or throw it at people and things irregardless of the sting it delivers. I can honestly only think of a few things that I honestly hate and they are truly ugly and evil things, at least to me. So, the editor’s edit here would be to change hate … Continue reading 30 Day Challenge :: Now you have grown

You Are Home :: My top 20 songs

List Your Top Twenty Favorite Songs courtesy of Music Listography : Your Life In (Play)Lists Famous Blue Raincoat :: Leonard Cohen 2. Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters :: Elton John 3. A Case Of You :: Joni Mitchell 4. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) :: The Beatles 5. A Murder Of One :: Counting Crows 6. Northern Lad :: Tori Amos 7. Waltz #2 :: Elliott Smith 8. Misguided Angel :: Cowboy Junkies 9. Starlite Diner :: Ryan Adams 10. LA Song :: Beth Hart 11. Gold Dust Woman :: Fleetwood Mac 12. Music When the Lights Go Out … Continue reading You Are Home :: My top 20 songs

But she made her bed

keep art alive; art by Stella im Hultberg Cover songs done well and songs that tell a story are big music loves of mine. Placebo’s take on Robert Palmer’s Johnny and Mary is a newly found favorite of mine; a cover that I prefer to the original, actually. Mary reminds me of a character I am writing, so much so that this cover is getting slipped into the characters playlist right now. The lyric “Mary counts the walls, says she should be used to it” resonates the most to the character in question, and admittedly, with myself. It reminds me … Continue reading But she made her bed

30 Day Challenge :: Its midnight

30-Day Song Challenge :: Day 15 :: A Song That Describes You It is not exactly me, as I am not sure any song is exactly me, more like pieces of me scattered among so many songs and lyrics and in some cases entire albums. This song, though, has bits of me embedded so intrinsically that it is deeper than literal meaning. It is that street, and the feelings of loneliness, and the city itself, and just the way the song feels when I listen to it, especially with ear buds tucked into my ears and the volume turned up … Continue reading 30 Day Challenge :: Its midnight

New music review :: Passion Pit :: Gossamer

Passion Pit :: Gossamar Music that at first glance feels happy, circle spinning, low on substance, but high on fun has its time, place, and space in my never ending musical playlist. That said, music that at a second glance, aural glance that is, that throws a punch, tears the skin, and speaks some raw, honest truths, well that music tends to wind up in the “play me more” and “put me in a mix” part of my playlist. What can I say, I like to feel, and I can sometimes be what a good friend of mine refers to … Continue reading New music review :: Passion Pit :: Gossamer

You Are Home :: My top 20 leaving planet earth albums

List the Twenty Albums You’d Bring if You Were Leaving Planet Earth on a Spaceship courtesy of Music Listography : Your Life In (Play)Lists Rubber Soul :: The Beatles Little Earthquakes :: Tori Amos Musicforthemorningafter ::  Pete Yorn Rumors :: Fleetwood Mac Songs of Love and Hate :: Leonard Cohen Transatlanticism :: Death Cab For Cutie Disintegration :: The Cure Funeral :: Arcade Fire Mirror Moves :: The Psychedelic Furs August and Everything After :: Counting Crows The Trinity Sessions :: Cowboy Junkies Live Through This :: Hole Grace :: Jeff Buckley Madman Across the Water :: Elton John Either/Or … Continue reading You Are Home :: My top 20 leaving planet earth albums

Before you changed my mind

keep art alive; art by Will Murai “I’ll never let you go, if you promise not to fade away; never fade away.” It is like watching a scene from a sixth story window, across the way, in someone else’s “life”. We make up stories, we create reasons, we wonder in awe – but we never do know what the other person feels. Love is exchanged, but do we actually feel it? Do we race to say the words, to cling to the idea of it, so quickly that we lose sight of what it is meant to mean? In that … Continue reading Before you changed my mind