To stay warm

You built a wall of pillows around you, and I curled myself tightly inside the hotel comforter, so snug I could hardly inhale. We were cold, both of us, chilled to our bones. I reasoned it was because you left the window half-open, to hear the ocean, you’d said. The salty night air slid into the room, most likely bringing the room’s temperature down with it.

You shifted slightly and I murmured your name. I wished for you to wake up, to take me in your arms again, to warm me up. But, you did not respond, at all.  So, I lay there in the dark, cocooned and breathing shallowly, wondering what I was doing there.

We had fought again earlier that evening. You had tried to ply me with too many drinks, and then started in on an odd assortment of accusations. Voices raised, doors slammed, tears fell and yet we both came back to the room and fell into each other.

Fighting, fucking or sleeping, those seemed to be the only modes we could exist in.

“Well, it’s better than sleeping alone.”, my reasoning tried to fill-in to the emptiness I felt.

But, I felt so very cold, lying there, alone, together.

Keep Yourself Warm :: Frightened Rabbit

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