“And your trying to find a reason,
why you have to leave.
But, I know its cause you think you’re Adam,
you think I’m Eve.”

Sometimes I forget how much Ani DiFranco’s music moves me. And then, here I am, as I stumble onto a song I may have never heard, or truly listened to (because there is a difference between hearing and listening), and suddenly it hits me fast and hard like an unexpected car crash somewhere on the open road in the middle of the night.

I never saw it coming.

Adam and Eve, especially the line “Just don’t treat me like I am something that’s happened to you”, resonates with me and reminds me of a past relationship, and how the other of the two of us tried to define me, at that final exit sign, as we both were attempting to say our goodbyes.

Adam and Eve :: Ani DiFranco

2 thoughts on “I just happen to like apples, and am not afraid of snakes

  1. Same here…her music speaks to women in such a way that I have literally said aloud, “YES! Same here!” as she sings. Think Grey is my favorite song from her:)

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