it was long ago, and it was far away

My first was in the back of a hatchback, the seats down, the windows steamed, and a bad late 80’s movie lighting up the night on the drive-in screen. We had switched the radio over from the movie to a cassette you had found tucked between the front seats.

It was not this song, but oh how this song reminds me of that night.

You had no idea what you were taking from me. You had no idea what you were giving to me. But, I knew.

I had decided before you ever even picked me up that I wanted that night to be the night, and that I wanted you to be the first.

I did not expect any promises, or any forevers, but I do think I thought it had meant more than it did. I did think it meant some kind of something, that it defined us as more than just two young adults wrapping our bodies around each other in the backseat of a car during a hot Summer night. Oh my stars and garters, what a cliche we both were, way back then.

Paradise by the Dashboard Light :: Meatloaf

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