5 Things :: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

1. My first car, which held so many firsts, had a bumper sticker affixed to the inside passenger-side dashboard of this band. That sticker, and a “Hollywood” sticker on the back bumper, were my first personalized additions to that car. For the first two years of owning that car I spent more time inside of it, then in my own bedroom.

2. There was a spell of time where kisses were hello’s to nearly everyone we knew. They were also goodbye’s, glad to meet you’s, and every so often a come back with me somewhere away from here (or at least to that car I mentioned above).

3. I have an odd fascination for photographs of women and guns, though I have absolutely no desire to have a gun, hold a gun, or shoot one.

4. This song was playing the night I met the boy who was supposed to be a one-night stand, but then wasn’t. We kissed on the floor in the corner in the back by the bathrooms soon after we met to this song. I can still recall exactly how it felt to kiss him.

5. My first kiss, on the other hand, I try hard to forget. Braces cutting my bottom lip, too much saliva, my left arm going numb pressed uncomfortably behind me in the moving and spinning Haunted Mansion car.  I would learn that day that kissing someone you don’t want to kiss is never a good thing, and something you always try to forget.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang :: Speciman

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