Dreams last so long

We were so young back then, though I think we both felt worn out already. Both thrown in to the growing up too soon, both overwhelmed by the world, and so disenchanted. You slept on various couches, hopping from one favor to another, not wanting to go back home. I was biding my time, wrapped up in guilt that should not have been mine, wishing for an escape route. I think there were times that I thought we would run away together.

I wore the mermaid ring you gave me like a promise, and whenever you would let me I would curl up on this week’s couch with you, tucking myself in so close we felt like one being.

You had this way of pulling out all my insecurities and throwing them off into the universe. I felt free in your arms, powerful, seductive. Every touch was electric, the kind of touch that stays  on your skin for days, and in your memories until you take your final breath.

I loved you, though I am quite sure I never told you. You were a dream to me, which I know you never knew. And you, you told me I was meant for you, and that you were meant for me years before this song, and damn if I did not believe you.

But, you never said I love you (though I am pretty sure you did), and you never looked back the day you left. Not a word, not an explanation, and no goodbye. Just a ring, that was no promise at all, and all those memories

You were the first one to ever break my heart.

You Were Meant For Me :: Jewel

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