Put me back in the bottle where the sea meets the sun

And then there is heartbreak, ending, and the death of love. The ocean is the place for that, too, I suppose, or the bath. There is something about water that pulls at the sadness, lets it sink below while your body floats above. Ii know I have stood at the ocean edge with tears streaming down my face, trying to let the waves wash my sadness away. I have also slid down into a too hot bath, letting the water fill my ears until there was nothing but vibration to listen to.

There is a death-rattle, we all hear it when it is nearing, we try to blink back the vision, shake our heads and make it go away. Bu,t just as we have books with happy ever after endings, we have the tragedies, as well. And this, well this is a song for that feeling. This is the kind of sound to drown loss in, when there is nothing left to revive it.

And when the ocean ebbs and flows away from us, and when the drain is pulled until the water drains down, down, down, we are left to remember this: if we never knew the elaborate pain of loss, we would never know the exquisite bliss of love.

So, let the loss wash itself away.

Teeth (live) :: Lisa Hannigan

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