5 Things :: In the place where I make no mistakes

Waltz #2 (live) :: Elliott Smith 1. There is something within this song that delves deep into my psyche, into the locked up parts of my head and heart, and circles around with the sadness within me. It is not unwelcome, though, and it does not feel self-indulgently destructive to listen to. It emotionally cuts me up, though, and reminds me that there are so many stories untold within me. 2. Cathy’s Clown (Everly Brothers) was a song that I used to hear during long, cross-country trips in my Grandparents RV. I’d be lying awake in the dark listening to … Continue reading 5 Things :: In the place where I make no mistakes

Think of all we had

Your arms were strong, sun-kissed bronze, and they felt like safety when you wrapped them around me. No one has ever held me the way you did, like you would never let me go, ever. We could hear the ocean waves kissing the shore just outside, and the off-and-on Summer rain. Those weeks in the Keys we lived like vagabonds. We rarely dressed, we rarely made it out of bed at all. No one has ever made me feel as beautiful as you did, nor as wanted. This still hurts a hell of a lot. I guess that is what … Continue reading Think of all we had