Read between the lines

I never really liked Green Day. Some of that was due to an exes obsession with them during the end of our time together, but I am usually not so musically ruined. It has been more than that. There was always something about them that just did not reach out and touch me. And though I have a deep love for punk music, they did not feel punk at all to me.

Then I saw American Idiot and the music, well it reached out and touched me.

Strangely, the impact took a few days to really settle in. The characters and stories that the songs brought to life, I did not realize I had taken them back with me. Then this song came on in the car and my eyes welled up, tears sliding down my cheeks in the early morning drive to work.

I think I never really listened to the words, nor the sentiment. The isolation, the loneliness, the anger, and the rebellion within, is very punk (I was wrong) and very emotional (I get it now).

I do not think I would call myself a fan of Green Day now, but I have an appreciation, and certain songs will stay with me now and be part of my musical landscape. Perhaps I am now a fan of some of the songs, for now.

Maybe that will change and grow, love often does.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams :: Green Day

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