I wanted to believe in all the words that I was speaking

I could write this scene out, so clear in my mind. Perhaps change the location slightly, somewhere closer to the ocean, or the airplanes. But, I feel it, deeply, and I can see it, so vividly.

When I bought this album I remember this song hit me in a way that I thought would leave a bruise. I remember thinking that I’d felt that way, from the perspective of the singer. And years later I realized what it felt like to be the girl the song is about. That feeling, it left more than a bruise.

But perhaps I read too much into music, into memories, into my own version of those shared stories. I suppose you would tell it differently, more politely. Nevertheless, the memory of it still leaves unseen scars.

We write our own endings sometimes, especially when they are so murky and impossible to define, and especially when they are not really endings, at all, don’t we?

This song, it still breaks my heart, despite the fact that I have long ago healed from our ill-fated romance.

Tiny Vessels :: Death Cab For Cutie

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