Maybe I’m a mermaid

1. All the music I listened to in 1992 has been burned into my soul. One listen of any track off any album that I owned from that year hits me like a speeding train, with me there tied to the tracks of memories. That was one of those “changes everything” years for me, and the music was the soundtrack to all that changed.

2. This song, and all of Little Earthquakes, spoke things I – thought, felt, pretended to not feel, wanted to scream – for me. I’d found myself at a place in my life where it felt like I had invisible duct tape across my lips constantly. I had so much to say, but the words would never come.

3. This song especially gave me hope that I would find the words I needed to say.

4. Mermaids have always been special to me ever since I first heard the Hans Christian Anderson story read to me by my Grandmother. And the ocean, part of my soul has always been a part of the ocean (and soothed by the ocean). On bad days I would daydream that I was really a mermaid, dry docked in a place I never quite fit in to.

5. It seemed to me like Tori Amos never quite fit, too. In 1992, that was comforting.

Silent All These Years :: Tori Amos

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