We were free

“Big deal, you’re happy. You’re never going to make any real money.”
Francis, She’s the One

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I wonder what is more important, money or happiness? It seems simple, right? I mean, we all want to say happiness. But, I have a family, I have children to support and a house to co-run. It is not as if I can play the starving writer because it is what would make me happy, because I would not just be starving myself.

All that said, don’t think for a moment I am not wildly and fiercely jealous of all those who do choose happiness, over money. That kind of struggling, whether realized, is a kind of luxury.

(This is how my mind works. I do not recall this song of the day ever playing in this movie, but it brought me to the movie, to this quote, and to my own inner angst about money/happiness)

She’s the One :: World Party

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