Those were the days

Out in front of a ballroom of stardust, in a line of the unusual, we first laid eyes on each other. There were warnings from the start projected from those who knew me, and those who thought they knew you. If they could, they would have chained me up and locked me away in some kind of fairytale tower. I wonder, would you have come to rescue me? Climbed my hair, or gifted me a magical wake-up kiss?

Nothing and no-one could have kept me from you.

This song, well, it will always remind me of you. That early morning when neither of us had slept yet. We dropped everyone else off to sleep, but we took off into the sunrise. We parked at a spot that offered up a view of the entire city below. Our city, the city of our youth and reckless abandon. We ran through those streets most nights, shaking and spinning and howling at the moon.

Those words exchanged that bright late summer morning, I will never forget them.

You wished me well, and wished things differently, in yet another far too early morning conversation. Those words from back then, I guess that they stuck with you, too. And yes, I know what we could have been, but I also know what we were, and we were fucking beautiful.

Yes, you agreed, yes we were.

Classic Girl :: Jane’s Addiction

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