Not like you do

1. Years ago, my friend Mike and I were having a conversation/debate about what songs were the best to have sex to. We had our own lists, and some of them overlapped, and some of them were in direct opposition with each other. Had this song been around when this conversation took place, well, it would be near the top of the list.

2. There is a character I have been trying to write for a few years now. She is a bit on the post-apocalyptic side. She is more than a bit broken. And, she is more than a bit brave. Two singers came to mind when I was creating her in my mind, one was Patti Smith and one was Beth Gibbons.

3. There is something about this song, and this whole album really, that brings to mind a boy I once loved. This boy, he sneaks into a lot of my writing, and a lot of my memories. He wasn’t a long-lasting love, but he wasn’t a short-term effect either. The memory, it lingers, and often plays at being a muse to me, which is sometimes very bittersweet.

4. I sometimes ponder the many layers, temperatures and hierarchies of love. How sometimes a certain kind of love can burn bright and fade, while others sizzle for decades or lifetimes, and others, not an in-between, but something else entirely; something indescribable. I’d say there are those that love like no others, and those I have loved like no others, but are they/were they ever the same kind of love at all?

5. This song, and a small handful of others, were my first introduction to Trip Hop. I fell hard and fast for the sound, and in this, the love still lingers, and sizzles, on.

Sour Times :: Portishead

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