Change my friends to enemies

5 Things :: Love Interruption :: Jack White

1. The opening bars of this song makes me want to start singing Dusty Springfield’s ‘Son of a Preacher Man.

2. One of the most bitter songs on love I think I have heard. Brilliant in its subtlety and emotion.

3. I have a long-standing odd sort of crush on Jack White. Sometimes I think it is his voice more than anything, but other times it is the hair and eyes.

4. The very first time I ever heard Jack White was when I lived in Michigan. It was the White Stripes song Hotel Yorba, off the album White Blood Cells. That album, in its entirety, is one of three albums that are forever tied to that time in my life in Michigan.

5. This song is made of the stuff of dive bars, jukeboxes and shared bottles of whiskey.

I want love to roll me over slowly,
stick a knife inside me,
and twist it all around.”

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