Tell me its nicer dreaming

I woke up feeling better, stronger, and clearer than I have in a week. Finally kicking the cold type thing that had such a hold on me helps, as did the rain drip-dropping on the windows as I opened my eyes, and the sound of breathing coming from the love lying next to me, still asleep.  I drove to work and watched as the skies began to clear, and it felt like I was witnessing someone hitting refresh on the skies themselves. Things have changed so much and the reality that I am truly happy hits me in spits and spurts.

In the office, a morning and afternoon of projects and trampoline jumps and pulls back and forth, but before the circus began I stumbled upon a new Counting Crows album. They are a forever favorite of mine, music that first came into my life in the early nineties when so much of who I am today really began. In a corner of my music-loving heart will always be Adam Duritz and the gang, a table with a view, and a press play button that never wears out completely. And this – this is a covers album – oh be still my heart, oh how I love cover songs.

This is my soundtrack today, and the moments of bliss that I started the day with, they still echo in the melodies and the cup of coffee in my hand. This is one of those it is so good to be alive kind of days.

Here is an acoustic version of my favorite song on the album (so far).

Four White Stallions (live) :: Counting Crows

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