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On first listen, to the song Youth, I feel Louisa Rose Allen (AKA Foxes) is a little bit Florence, a little bit Lights and a little bit Snow Patrol; at least that is my initial musical comparison. That said, the stark and melancholic Home calls immediately to mind Stina Nordenstam’s Little Star, a favorite of mine from the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack (1996). I love new music, and I am ever curious at what the “Summer songs” of the year will be. Foxes EP Warrior is set to be released on June 19th and I am marking her down on my short list of Summer music predictions and am betting she will make it on some Summertime playlists and music mixes of mine.

On a little bit of television note, the CW has already scooped up Youth and Home as music for their show Gossip Girl (April 23). To me, I can easily see Glee take on one or two of her songs, possibly escalating her upcoming EP the way the show lifted fun. to a more mainstream recognition. I still sometimes daydream that a network will hire me, even on a part-time basis, to help with their show soundtracks – it really would be something I would love to do.

Home :: Foxes

Youth :: Foxes

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      lyriquediscorde says:

      Thanks, Dale. I would even be an unpaid part-time intern…

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