They say this is the city, the city of angels

Early morning blurry eyed consciousness. I drove on partial auto-pilot, my mind was one half haze and one half back in a night before dream. Sometimes I can recall a past self so clearly that I almost see through those eyes’ perspectives. A younger me, a rougher around the edges me, a trying on the trappings of a not-so-good-girl me. Though, truly, good and bad in the terms we use for girls is about as plausible and measurable as the non-achievable “normal”.

Sometimes I wish I’d pushed the boundaries more. I wish I’d been a little crazier, a little wilder, a little more daring.

In the early mornings, or the middle of the night dreamings, I am back in my yesterday skin with my today heart. I am so much more of a woman than I ever was a girl.

This city, I wander through it, even half-eyes-closed, and I know I have hid secrets in the turns of the road and the shadows of that Hollywood sign.

This city, she keeps so many of our secrets.

City of Angels
:: The Distillers

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