You screamed and everybody comes a-running

Sometimes it occurs to me how much I have not done yet. Places I want to explore, adventures I want to forge, and moments I want to experience. There is a crazy courage that seems to be slowly coming to life within me, an electric buzz of conviction that I did not have at the ready before. It makes me feel a bit restless, a slight slant of on-edge, and at times I have to remind myself to sit down, to not jump off the tracks and run.

There are paths to take and I see myself there, sharing sideways glances and roadside whispers with. I want to buy an old Polaroid camera and a stack of composition books, take a few weeks off of work, and get a little bit lost (and found). Some stories are out there, blurred pieces are focusing, and the unnamed accomplices, we will know them when we see them.

Fox on the Run :: Sweet

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