Yeah, for us, these are the days

There once was a boy who sang this song to a girl sitting atop a train tunnel, as the sun was just starting to come up. The girl knew he was never really hers, that he was fleeting, temporarily on loan to her. Yet even in the few stolen moments they had the girl learned from this boy. She learned passion, she learned want and need, and she learned how it felt to be seen as beautiful. Not beautiful in the constructs of society, and not even beautiful in the poet’s way of defining beauty, but beautiful in the way one becomes when they are truly seen, and loved. Sometimes the girl thinks about this boy, and she remembers what it was like to kiss him, to feel him next to her, and to watch the sun rise and a day wake up with a song being softly sung to her.

Today is one of those days. Thank you.

Classic Girl :: Jane’s Addiction

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