Cause you have seen some unbelievable things

used to be the two of us spent more of our time
on the other side of the 101 freeway
then we did tucked between bedsheets inside growing-up walls
or behind the expectations of a text book stare

a phone booth on Gower
best pizza on earth discovered smack in the middle of a  forsaken tourist’s sunset
train tunnel sunrise serenades
and innocence lost in the backseat
parallel parked on the far side of Willoughby

our pulse was quicker
fed upside down and turned topsy
from all those cocktail fed chemicals
slid through and up and under our collective skins

yet we always wore that tint of addiction
with a fuck you if you can’t understand glow
sidled up right next to a graffiti-screamed
i dance circles round stick figure magazine girls

punk stained threads sewn well
into donate at the door fabrics
stolen shoes paired with dancer’s tights
and candy colored cigarettes

we were a post modern late night Breakfast at Tiffany’s
shoved up hard against an alley wall
Nancy Spungen after a bath
or Edie Sedgwick gifted with curves
in place of needle marks

we saw the beauty ever after stuck in-between
the lining in the pavement cracks
beggars sat betwixt two sidewalk stars
as we skipped between them with silver plated coins thrown high in the air

ever trying to spot the one we might take as our own
 if only for a night

when we go back there to peer out of water spot lenses
nicked from an all-night gas station attendant
he smirks as you ask him where he hails from
and if he has a movie script tucked just behind that counter

our lives are still pinned up just somewhere over the horizon
we used to see ourselves as fallen angels
with those count past thirty days before expirations
how do the stories play out to our (re)new(ed) out of focus perspective

do we choose to hide the hell-a recollections
polish up the reality and narrow the click click camera here we go smile denial
or do we just lose ourselves in the boys who cling to the mic
let them dirty up the images that we grab with held hands and jump on through

see you tonight, baby

we will kiss lipstick imprints on the back of our ticket stubs
drop them deep in the wish you were here well
close your eyes tight and take a long lost leap
the music will catch our fall

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