Think of the tender things that we were working on

There were moments of tenderness that were easy to dismiss as they were happening because they always felt like beginnings. At the start of something it is easy to get lost in the whirlwind and take for granted times that we think will happen again. The fighting and the distance, the animosity it ignited, well all of those brief respites of gentle and kind were devoured by the flames.

Sometimes it is all gone as quick as ashes from a half-smoked cigarette, without warning, and without any proper goodbye. We do not look back because it still stings, all those unresolved conversations, and wasted time. Forgetting is the easier choice, the simple solution, and doors close without touch when the wind (or will) is strong enough. Embers linger, at times they leave their own sparks in the night sky, illuminating memories.

We never truly forget.


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