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Natalie Merchant – Ophelia (1998)

Turning the clock back to 1998, to take a look at my Top 5 favorite songs from Natalie Merchant’s second solo studio album, Ophelia. I love a themed album, and Natalie does a fantastic job with this one.

Do you have any special memories tied to this album? What is your favorite song from Ophelia?

Natalie Merchant - Ophelia (1998) - My Top 5
Natalie Merchant – Ophelia (1998)

Natalie Merchant – Ophelia (1998)
My Top 5 Favorite Songs – October 4, 2011

Natalie Merchant is one of my forever favorite singer-songwriters. Her songs and albums, both solo and with 10,000 Maniacs have been part of my life-soundtrack since I first heard 10,000 Maniacs’ album, In My Tribe.

So many of the songs on Ophelia hold special moments and memories to me. Some painful to recall, some beautiful and precious to hold. I’ve put so many of that tracks on this album on mixtapes, mix CD’s, playlists. I’ve fallen in love to some of these songs. I’ve cried over a broken-heart to some of them. I’ve played the album on road trips, during dinner get-togethers, and on many “just because” moments of record-listening.

Ophelia is definitely one of those no-skip, perfect to me, albums.

Natalie Merchant

My Top 5 Songs from Natalie Merchant – Ophelia (1998)

Song 1: “Life Is Sweet” (live)

“Life Is Sweet” (live) by Natalie Merchant – originally from the album, Ophelia (1998)

“They told you life is hard.
It’s misery from the start.
It’s dull ,
and slow ,
and painful.

I tell you life is sweet.
In spite of the misery,
there’s so much more –
Be grateful.”

Song 2: “My Skin”

“My Skin” by Natalie Merchant – from the album, Ophelia (1998)

“I’ve been treated so wrong.
I’ve been treated so long.
As if I’m becoming untouchable.

I’m the slow dying flower,
in the frost killing hour.
Sweet turning sour,
and untouchable.”

Song 3: “Kind and Generous”

“Kind and Generous” by Natalie Merchant – from the album, Ophelia (1998)

“For everything you’ve done,
you know I’m bound,
I’m bound to thank you for it.”

Song 4: “Ophelia”

“Ophelia” by Natalie Merchant – from the album, Ophelia (1998)

“Ophelia was a tempest cyclone,
a goddamn hurricane.
Your common sense,
your best defense,
they wasted and in vain.”

Song 5: “Break Your Heart”

“Break Your Heart” by Natalie Merchant – from the album, Ophelia (1998)

“People ruthless,
people cruel.
The damage that some people do.
Full of hatred,
full of pride.
It’s enough to make you lose your mind.”

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