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“The Logical Song” by Supertramp

Back to the 70’s. Back to my childhood. Pale blue bedroom walls, a blue beach cruiser bike with an orange clip-on AM radio. This song playing from our station wagon car stereo as I lay in the back (pre-seatbelt laws). Let’s take a dive in, Top 5 style, to 1979’s “The Logical Song”, by Supertramp, released the year I turned 10.

What songs do you remember most from when you were 10 years old?

“The Logical Song” by Supertramp – from the album, Breakfast In America (1979)

“Won’t you please,
tell me what we’ve learned.
I know it sounds absurd.
Please tell me who I am.”

“The Logical Song” by Supertramp
from the album, Breakfast In America (1979)
My Top 5 – April 19, 2011

1. There is something in “The Logical Song” that pulls and tugs out memories of my first boyfriend. I think it’s one of those songs, and albums, that we listened to often in his car, though usually when I think of him, and that time in my life, it’s a lot of other songs and artists and albums that come to mind. Not this one. That said, any time I hear “The Logical Song”, whether by accident, or intent, I am reminded of him.

2. I’m also reminded of the TV series, ‘The Riches”, though I think the Supertramp song they used was “Take The Long Way Home” (also, now that I’m listening to “Take The Long Way Home”, I’m also reminded of my first boyfriend, I’m thinking now we must have listened to Breakfast In America together, when we were dating).

3. At the age that “The Logical Song” seem to take me back to (age 19), I know I was searching for who I was. I was clumsy and inconsistent in the search, and I often looked to others to define the “who” that I was/the “who” I was seeking. Sometimes it was more of an unconscious way to feel accepted and loved, I think. I became quite skilled at being a chameleon, and often even prided myself on the talent. But, thinking back, it was really more of a weakness of character than a strength. I was afraid to decide on who I was, afraid that I’d be rejected for being myself.

4. At this age, though (age 42), I am quite comfortable with being myself and I’m actually pretty happy with who I am. Listening to this song, and the lyrics (especially the opening ones) I think my life is more reflective in the opposite way. I believe there is more magic and beauty in my life now, than when I was “young”.

5. The music of the 70’s will always have a soft place in my musical heart. Perhaps it’s because of being a child in that decade (and growing up in a house full of music). Or, maybe it’s due to my late teens/early twenties being spent haunting a club that celebrated the music of the 70’s every Sunday night (a time and place where I did a lot of my “coming of age”). More than likely though, it’s a bit of both, as well as my ever and always love of the singer-songwriter genre. A “story in a song” is always so impactful and beautiful to me.

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