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“Big Shot” by Billy Joel

I’ve had a longstanding love for Billy Joel songs, with different memories attached to many of them – some good, and some not so good. There are songs of this that will always be part of my personal history, and others that remind me of driving around in my first car with a box full of cassettes rattling around on the passenger-side floor – one of the being The Best Of Billy Joel.

“Big Shot” is one of my favorite driving songs. One of those that insist on being turned up loud and sung along to (also loudly).

“Big Shot” by Billy Joel – from the album, 52nd Street (1978)

“Ooh, and when you wake up in the mornin’,
with your head on fire,
and your eyes too bloody to see,
go on and cry in your coffee,
but don’t come bitchin’ to me.”

I heard it this morning during a random radio search and it still insisted – so loud the volume went, and loudly I sang along.

This one may not be a trigger of something impactful in my life, but it’s a song that makes me smile in the remembering. It might have to be one of those songs that becomes part of a road trip mix I’m endlessly adding to.

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