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“Ziggy Stardust” by Bauhaus

Let’s go deep into one of my favorite cover songs. Or, at least deep into why I love Bauhaus’ version of David Bowie’s iconic “Ziggy Stardust”, so much.

Have you heard this cover song before? What do you think of it?

“Ziggy Stardust” by Bauhaus – from the album, The Sky’s Gone Out (1982)

“Ziggy really sang.
Screwed up eyes and screwed down hair-do,
like some cat from Japan.
He could lick ’em by smiling.
He could leave them to hang.
Came on so loaded man.
Well hung and snow-white tan.”

Peter Murphy, Bauhaus

“Ziggy Stardust” by Bauhaus
from the album, The Sky’s Gone Out (1982)
My Top 5 – March 8, 2011

1. This song instantly reminds me of driving around Hollywood, all dressed up, and lit up, with friends all stuffed in my tiny Honda Civic, all of us ready for some kind of magical night that would be the stuff to make memories with. It’s one of those songs that made it onto just about every mixtape. A song we always played loud.

2. This is one of my all-time favorite cover songs. I love Bowie’s original more, of course. How can I not? David Bowie is one of my forever favorite people whoever existed in this universe. All that said, there is something about Bauhaus’ version that gets me going in a big way – every time I play it – loud.

3. Bauhaus’ version of “Ziggy Stardust” also reminds me of that one boy who was oh so fleeting and oh so beautiful and oh so impossible to forget.

4. “The kids were just crass, he was the nazz, with god given ass.” – I will always love that lyric/line.

5. My oldest daughter stole my Bauhaus t-shirt a few years ago and wears it out even more than I did back when I got it. My younger daughter has taken to wearing it sometimes, too. I remember where I bought it, the day that led up to that t-shirt, and the night that followed after. The t-shirt you can see in the video is the very same one.

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