“God Is A Bullet” by Concrete Blonde

Late nights and early mornings, driving through the streets of Hollywood, with this song (and the whole album) blaring as loud as my speakers could take it. I remember it all so well. Me, chain-smoking and singing-a-long. There was this infusion of freedom in those nights and early mornings, a feeling of independence, one of re-defining that I dove into head (and heart) first. I was shooting from the hip into the unknown everything.

I’m not sure the significance really hit me until years later.

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“God Is A Bullet” by Concrete Blonde – from the album, Free (1989)

“Shoot straight shoot to kill, yeah.
Blame each other,
well, blame yourselves, you know,
God is a bullet,
have mercy on us everyone.”

“God Is A Bullet” by Concrete Blonde
from the album, Free (1989)
Song Of The Day – March 4, 2011

Listening now though, I’m hit with the memory recall. I can almost feel the sped up beats pulsing beneath my skin, the sting of the sunrise in my eyes, and the haze of too much and not enough. Sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago, and other times, like right now, it feels like yesterday.

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