My Top 5

“200 More Miles” (live) :: Ryan Adams & Cowboy Junkies :: My Top 5

200 More Miles (live) :: Ryan Adams + Cowboy Junkies

1. My Grandfather used to tell me he was born with a Gypsy Soul. I’m pretty sure I inherited it, born myself with that same call to travel and move, and not sit still. The road is always whispering seductively in my ears. There are many-a-day that I wish I could just pack it all in and hit the road, find a job in some roadside diner and live in some pay-by-the-week joint. I could teach the kids from books and people and experience, and we could recreate every day as we went from one state line, one city, and one adventure to the next. But, the truth is, that isn’t any way to raise a family.

2. Ryan Adams is one of my Favorite Voices of all-time. When he Sings something inside me is stirs in a way that very few have done before. He moves me.

3. The Trinity Sessions, the original Cowboy Junkies’ Album, is one of my Forever Favorite’s.

4. Do you think wanderlust is an addiction? A syndrome? A blessing? All of the above? What about restlessness?

5. I keep hitting repeat with this song. I think today I’d like to live within this song.

2 thoughts on ““200 More Miles” (live) :: Ryan Adams & Cowboy Junkies :: My Top 5

  1. i think wanderlust is an addiction. sometimes I’ll be in bed and I feel like if I don’t go somewhere, far away, I might die. and I get restless and just want to see a new place. this was the first year I didn’t leave town to go on vacation. I still had a relaxing time but now something inside of me is calling me to go somewhere soon. somewhere farther than normal.


  2. I’m going somewhere the end of March, but not exactly somewhere new and not quite far enough. I need a map to affix to the wall and colorful thumb tacks to pin into the places I want to go.


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