I need you, I don’t need you :: SOTD

“Chelsea Hotel #2” :: Leonard Cohen :: SOTD

“And clenching your fist for the ones like us
who are oppressed by the figures of beauty,
you fixed yourself, you said, “Well never mind,
we are ugly but we have the music.”

Leonard Cohen means something to me that is near impossible to articulate. His songs, the stories within them, and the way he unfolds them have a mainline to my soul. I feel them in ways that cut deeper than words and language alone.

Sometimes I feel as if I’ve lived within them.

Sometimes I dream about them.

The Chelsea Hotel is one of those dream places that I will someday visit. I picture staying for a spell, alone, writing, living without any sense of time. I know  there are stories that are meant to be written there, as strange as that may sound.

And music, one of the most beautiful fucking thing in the universe, no matter how alone we sometimes feel, or how used, or ugly, or broken – well, we do always have the music.

“Chelsea Hotel #2” :: Leonard Cohen

“Chelsea Hotel #2” (live) :: Leonard Cohen

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