“Maps” :: Yeah Yeah Yeahs :: My Top 5

Maps :: Yeah Yeah Yeahs

1. This is one of those Songs that I know has been played to death, and probably will for a long time to come, yet, I still completely love it. The Song moving and powerful, often makes me cry, and is a near perfect broken by love Song.

2. It’s also a very poignant song about long-distance relationships and their often inevitable endings. It reminds me of trying, and failing, to keep love alive with an ocean and miles and time zones to between a him and an I. I’ve read that “Maps” is actually written about a relationship that Karen was in, and that the title is actually an acronym for “My Angus Please Stay” (MAPS).

3. Karen O is incredible.

4. One of these days (nights) I will try this Song at karaoke.

5. “Maps” is so raw and emotional, and the video is so raw and emotional. They both often leave me feeling so raw and emotional, too. The power of music, sometimes it just staggers and slays me.

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