“Gold Dust” :: Tori Amos :: SOTD

Sights and sounds,
pull be back down,
another year.
I was here,
I was here.”

I have a theory that every song with the name Laura in it is associated somehow with death. It can be the literal definition of death and dying, as in the song Tell Laura I Love Her” (Ray Peterson) or “Think of Laura” (Christopher Cross), or the death of a relationship as in” Landlocked Blues” and “Laura Laurent” (or “Lua”, also about a Laura who committed suicide – all three songs from Bright Eyes).

The connection reaches into the cinematic realm, as well. The film Laura where a detective falls for an alleged dead woman’s picture, or Laura Palmer of Twin Peaks (inspired by the film Laura).

Tori Amos’ Song “Gold Dust” though only references a film character (Laura Mars, a character who has visions of murders), still feels like a song about death – the death of a past existence, of past lives, of past adventures.

I’ve read that the song, which is the Last Track from the Album Scarlett’s Walk, is about a woman who is pregnant and is looking back at her life and trying to find some peace to all of it. Mourning losses, learning from mistakes, remembering where she once was.

Perhaps that makes this song about life, as well, which could be a new corner turned for my name within a song.

For what its worth, it is my favorite from the Album.

“Gold Dust” :: Tori Amos

“Gold Dust” (live) :: Tori Amos

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