Belle And Sebastian - Write About Love - Album Review

Belle And Sebastian – Write About Love (2010)

Listening to Write About Love reminds me of listening to randomly chosen mixed tapes from past lovers and friends. It also brings back memories of some of the more mellow 70’s singer/songwriters that I grew up listening to. Perhaps it’s a melding of the two, glued and pasted together, with lines from discarded love letters and notes passed between friends in high school hallways.

Belle And Sebastian - Write About Love - Album Review

Belle And Sebastian – Write About Love (2010)
Album Review – February 8, 2011

My favorite track off of Write About Love is “Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John”, which features Norah Jones on vocals. Her sunny afternoon voice adds to that late 70’s vibe I mentioned before, and lifts that past weight of songs about heartbreak (sad music for sadder listeners) to a lighter palpability.

“Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John” featuring Norah Jones

Carey Mulligan’s vocal addition to “Write About Love” feels more akin to Belle And Sebastian’s past albums. A bit moodier, with a touch of their earlier, tell-tale pop-gloom sound. It’s also another favorite track of mine, from the album.

“Write About Love” featuring Carey Mulligan

“Calculating Bimbo” is also an album stand-out. Something about the song reminds me of early Rilo Kiley so much that I half expected to hear Jenny Lewis at some point.

“Calculating Bimbo”

“I Can See Your Future” is reminiscent of 60’s era musicals in the vein of Thoroughly Modern Millie. Cinematic, with a sing-song quality that is completely infectious.

“I Can See Your Future”

Overall, I’m really digging this album. These are like the mixtapes and love letters that were never thrown away. The ones you find yourself revisiting, over and again, taking them in with a bit more maturity now, and most days, with a more sunnier perspective to dance with the melancholic words and refrains that still linger on your insides (and in the songs).

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