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“More Than This” :: Roxy Music :: My Top 5

“More Than This” :: Roxy Music

1. A small group of friends and I sat around one evening compiling lists of music that fit perfectly in certain situations. Our lists differed quite a bit from each others due to individual taste and perspective on both music, and life in general. That said, when it came down to a list of the Top Songs to have sex to, this Song, and Roxy Music, made teh Top 5 on everyone’s list.

2. One of my favorite moments in the film Lost In Translation is when Bill Murray’s character Bob Harris’ sings this at a karaoke bar. The way he looks at Charlotte, too, while singing, is a stroke of unspoken brilliance. I love moments where music in a film tells part of the story.

3. I saw Bryan Ferry play at a small outdoor venue in Santa Barbara back in the late 80’s. He was sick with the flu and feverish, yet he still performed, coming on-stage with a blanket wrapped around him and his notorious three-piece suit. He was completely amazing. Seeing him, and hearing songs like this one, in that beautiful setting up against the mountains, and the smell of the  nearby ocean alive in the air, was one of my Top Favorite concert experiences ever.

4. This is one of my favorite love Songs of all-time, even though I’ve been told it is about infidelity, and not love.

5. It was Duran Duran, and reading about their musical influences, that introduced me to Roxy Music. It was one of those instant “love-at-first-listen” moments and I have loved them ever since.

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