“Rattlesnakes” :: Lloyd Cole And The Commotions :: My Top 5

My Top 5

“Rattlesnakes” :: Lloyd Cole And The Commotions :: My Top 5

“Rattlesnakes” :: Lloyd Cole and the Commotions

1. Every time I hear this song I see this story I’ve never quite written in my head, and in the story lives a particular female character. I can see her hair color and the way she wears it. I can hear the way gum snaps as she chews it, and the way her voice lilts while she sings to the radio, driving down a half-deserted highway. I can even smell the kind of perfume she wears. Someday I’ll have to give her the story she deserves, I mean, she already has a song.

2. I love pop culture and literary references in songs.

3. I remember watching On The Waterfront as a child and being spellbound by Eve Marie Saint. She seemed both delicate and tough, a combination that I thought was just perfect.

4. I love the lyric “she tries too hard, she’s obvious, despite herself.” Its always been one of those lyrics that resonate almost too much with me.

5. I find the combination of Eve Marie Saint and Simone de Beauvoir in this song fascinating – the French Feminist and the Academy Award winning actress. It makes me want to really know this girl the song is about (or the way the songwriting sees this girl). I wonder if she’d have anything in common with the girl I see in my head when I hear “Rattlesnakes”?

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