You are a little mystery to me :: SOTD


“The Ship Song” (live) :: Amanda Palmer :: SOTD

wading in

Keep Art Alive :: “Springs To Mind” :: Art by Kelly Vivanco

Trying to articulate and define love is nearly as difficult as it is sometimes difficult to articulate what certain songs mean to me. Often it is just feeling, immeasurable and indescribable, that takes me over and fills up all these spaces inside, settling into somewhere warm and permanent. These kinds of songs, well, they stick around and take up spaces in my heart, just as certain people in my life have.

I end up wanting to keep them with me forever.

The first time I heard the original of this song, by Nick Cave, I was overtaken by it. It was the live version of the song, and I remember it just knocked the breath out of me. I had to sit down. I had to pay attention. I had to listen, and listen, and listen again. And just like love, the “little mystery to me” in this song, is something both spellbinding, and beautiful.

This cover by Amanda Palmer, recorded live for her album Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under, is just as breath-stealing.

“The Ship Song” (live) :: Amanda Palmer

and, the live version I first heard from Nick Cave:

“The Ship Song” (live) :: Nick Cave

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