“True” by Spandau Ballet – My Top 5


“True” by Spandau Ballet
My Top 5

Turning back the clock to the Music of the early 80’s, the following are My Top 5 thoughts and feelings about Spandau Ballet’s big 80’s Hit, “True”. Do you have any thoughts, or feelings, on the song?

“True” by Spandau Ballet
from the album, True (1983)


My Top 5:

1. This song always, without exception, reminds me of high school dances. I either get the scene from Sixteen Candles playing in my head, where Samantha sees Jake Ryan dancing with his girlfriend to this song, or I see my own memory of one of those non-formal dances from Freshman year, the first one I ever went to. It was in the basement of a church, and as my friend and I walked in this song was playing. It was playing on the way there, too, in the car.

2. The album version of this is six minutes long, was written to pay tribute to Mowtown and Marvin (“listen to Marvin all night long“) Gaye, and is best known as an 80’s love song.

3. Lyrically speaking this just doesn’t seem like a love song to me. It never has. Instead, it seems to be more about some kind of personal/internal struggle with finding one’s own self, and one’s own place in the world.

4. Spandau Ballet did a meet-and-greet/album signing at a Music Plus record store walking distance from my High School my Sophomore year. I remember my friends and I stood in line for hours to meet them. I gave the drummer, Steve Norman, a ring of mine that I used to wear all the time back then. I remember he unclasped a chain he wore around his neck and slid it onto it. The fan-girl in me was over the moon. Even moreso when I saw him being interviewed on a local Music Video TV program, Video One, and was still wearing it.

5. I actually preferred the album that came after True. Parade, and their first album Diamond, are my all-time favorites. That said, I will always have a soft spot for this song.

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