“Stories and Cigarettes” for Under The Covers

Under the Covers

“Strange Condition” by Morgan Page, featuring Lissie
Under The Covers


Coffee and cigarettes, the conversations that come in-between the exhale and the inhale, the flick of an ash, and a slightly crooked smile as our eyes look quickly away: those are the moments that imprint somewhere deep beneath the skin. Those are the things of memories. “Strange Condition”, off of Pete Yorn’s debut album, musicforthemorningafter (2001), reminds me of just those kinds of memory laden moments. The kind of stolen hours where you swap stories, late night confessions, hints, and layers of who we really are while partaking in some not-so-good-for-us behaviors. Aren’t those the moments of real intimacy? Or, are they all part and parcel of the rebellious nature we all still carry over from our youth?

Are the exchanges of emitted words, as they fall from our mouths, the smoke swirling off our pursed lips, encircling our crouched close together forms more intimate than sex?

Do we give more of ourselves away in the stories we tell?

Do we trust easier because we all take bits of our lives, knowingly, willingly, with one another, in those kinds of conversations?

Mortality personified, prettied up with lipstick and unshaven shadows.

How many of us have fallen in love at times like these?

Don’t we all just want desperately to be have our stories heard, and remembered?

“Strange Condition” by Pete Yorn – the Original

Here is the original, featuring Peter Buck:

“Strange Condition” by Pete Yorn

“Strange Condition” by Morgan Page, featuring Lissie – the Cover

And, here is a cover version which takes “Strange Condition” into a trance/dance place. Music by Morgan Page, vocals by Lissie:

“Strange Condition” by Morgan Page, featuring Lissie

2 Comments Add yours

  1. ugh I love musicforthemorningafter SO MUCH.


  2. it is my favorite album of his, and one of my all-time favorite albums period.


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